Com. Elamaram Kareem. M.P. (Kerala) raised the issue of BSNL Revival and contract workers in Rajya Sabha on 01-07-2019. Report is given below:

SHRI ELAMARAM KAREEM: The financial condition of BSNL is precarious
and it is deteriorating day-by-day. Presently, the per month revenue
collection of BSNL comes to only 1,200 crores. However, the per month
wage bill of the employees comes to Rs. 1,300 crores and other
expenditures come to Rs. 900 crore. Thus, every month BSNL is facing a
deficit of Rs.1,000 crore.

Due to this, BSNL is not even able to pay its electricity bills. In all the
circles, gradually the electricity connections of BSNL are getting
disconnected, due to non-payment of bills. Similarly, BSNL has not paid
wages to its contract workers, for the past six months and the families of
these workers are facing starvation. Contractors have also stopped the
works and vendors do not want to supply equipments, due to non-
payment of bills.

Thus, BSNL is urgently in need of both short term as well as long term
capital infusion by the Government. That is my submission.

The submission was supported by Com. K.K.Ragesh, M.P., Binoy Viswam M.P. and Jose K. Mani, all from Kerala.