The statistics of the COVID casualties show that senior citizens aged 60 and above are most prone to Corona virus. The Government has therefore specially warned  them to be AT HOME. It has to be fully implemented.

There are so many things to be done at home. If your grand children are with you, you will not know how time has passed away. If you are alone with spouse, you can recollect old memories, for which you did not get time earlier due to various activities. You can call your friends, old and new, and renew friendship by speaking on the various issues after you met last. Of course contact your children daily and get all information. You can see TV, read newspapers, books etc. Your favourite books may be in the almirah. Read them once more.  Go through your old albums.

There is sufficient time for creative activities like writing, singing, drawing,  painting etc. whichever you are interested.

You can sleep for 7-8 hours, which keeps you fresh in the morning. Take mild exercises. You can walk inside your house. If you do not feel well, contact your doctor over phone and get treatment.

Enjoy the compulsory stay AT HOME. Do not be worried. Keep all the instructions given by the government to keep out COVID. Arrangements are made by  the government , other organisations so that you may get provisions, medicines, vegetables etc on line.

The Prime Minister as well as Chief Ministers have called for donation to their respective Relief Fund. Donate according to your ability.

Don’t be afraid, but be careful!

We are senior citizens who have faced many challenges in life. We shall fight and defeat COVID 19 also!