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25th March 2020 is the 12th death anniversary of Com.K.T.Muhammed, Bhishmapithamaha or Nataka Kulapathy of drama writers / artists of Kerala. He has written about 40 dramas, including ‘Ithu Bhumiyanu’ (‘This is the earth’), ‘Kandam Becha Kottu'(‘Coat with stitched parts’)etc. He has also written screen plays for a lot of Films. He had his own drama team and club. He was honoured with many awards including Kerala State Film Award for best screen play.

Com. K.T. was an employee of the Posts and Telegraph Department. He first worked as an ED Packer and after passing examinations was promoted to Postmen and then to Postal Clerk. He was very active in the union and participated in all the strikes and struggles organised in P and T. He was suspended for his leading role in the Token Strike of 19th September 1968. He resigned protesting against the anti-worker victimization imposed on the strikers by the government and merged fully himself in writing drama and other cultural activities. But he continued his connection with the P and T Movement and his erstwhile comrades till the last.

I had the fortune to work in the union along with him. Many times visited his drama club. Even when functioning at Delhi, while visiting Kozhikode, I met him more than once at his residence along with late Com. K.Rajan, who was the Convener of the Co-ordinating Committee at that time. Once I gave him a copy of the one page article about him published in the journal of the Postal Union at the time when he was given an International Short Story Award award for his short story ” Kannukal ” (‘The Eyes’) in 1952.
There is a big Statue of Com. K.T.Muhammed installed in his honour in the centre of the Kozhikode Town. But by oversight or so, the name and other particulars are not noted on the statue. We hope the Corporation of Kozhikode will certainly fulfill its responsibility at the earliest.

Red Salute to Com.K.T.Muhammed!