AIBDPA agitational programmes on the demand of Pension Revision for BSNL retirees  wef 01-01-2017 are being implemented effectively and sincerely by the pensioners all over India. About two weeks back, about 100 M.P.s have been met by the District / Circle secretaries of AIBDPA through out the country. Since then two or three M.P.s are being met every day by our comrades. In Delhi itself our General Secretary Com. K.G.Jayaraj along with leaders in Delhi has  met some of the M.P.s and presented Memorandum with the request to raise it in the Parliament and with the government.

The next programme is March to Parliament on 12th March 2020, for which thousands of pensioners have already booked ticket to Delhi and will participate in the march.

The payment of Provisional Pension to all the VRS retirees in the first month itself as demanded by AIBDPA, due to the impossibility of finalising the pension  papers and paying pension for 78569 VRS pensioners in addition to the usual superannuation pensioners, has given confidence and faith to the VRS pensioners to AIBDPA. Thousands of VRS pensioners have already joined AIBDPA in all the circles. They have understood that it is the organisation which will continuously fight on the just demands of the pensioners.

The meeting with the Member (Finance ), DOT by General Secretary, AIBDPA, Com. K.G.Jayaraj and the issues raised about ensuring regular pension and pension revision to VRS pensioners have created further confidence in the minds of the concerned pensioners. Many of these comrades re participating in the Parliament March.