Good response from all over India has received for the programme of meeting the M.P.s and submitting Memorandums on the issue of Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners with effect from 01.01.2017 with 15% fitment.  More than 100 M.P.s have already been met by AIBDPA leaders and all M.P.s have assured to take up this genuine demand with the government. One M.P. has raised the issue in the floor of the Parliament in zero hour. A cabinet minister has written to the Finance minister on this issue. It is expected that other M.P.s will also take up the issue.

There are more M.P.s to be met. Those Circle / District secretaries of AIBDPA who are yet to meet the M.P.s are requested to meet them early and present the Memorandum.  Within the next two weeks at least the programme should be completed with intimation to General Secretary, AIBDPA, with copy of photos so that the same can be posted in FB, Whatsapp etc.