All CHQ office bearers Circle Secretaries and Affiliates.
Dear Comrade,
In most of the circles, the first two phases of the agitational programs,box
Signature campaign in the memorandum to the Prime Minister and meeting the Parliament Members are successfully completed and congratulate all the Comrades for their sincere efforts. It should be ensured that the memorandum with signatures be sent directly to the Prime Minister by post.
Those circles/ districts who have not yet started or completed this important task has to do it urgently.
It is significant that Shri.Rupin Bora, Rajya Sabha MP from Assam who is the President of Assam Pradesh Congress Committee has raised the issue of Pension Revision with 15% fitment in the upper house on 04-02-2020. Our Comrades have already met more than 100 MPs, including 4 ministers and the Lok Sabha Speaker and all responded positively.
Please make necessary arrangements for conducting the Hunger Dharna before the CCA offices on 12-02-2020 with maximum participation of pensioners. Special efforts may be made to participate maximum number of VRS retirees.Also try to participate prominent leaders at Circle/ local level of trade unions and Pensioners Associations and address the Dharna.
AUAB,in its meeting held on 06-02-2020 has decided two programs,
1. Lunch hour Demonstration on 11-02-2020.
2. Hunger Strike on 24-02-2020.
We have to join the program to make it a great success.
CHQ is dealing the issues of the VRS retirees seriously with due importance. Our meeting with Member (Finance) on 16-12-2019 for grant of Provisional Pension is being considered favourably and order is expected shortly. The second issue discussed during the meeting , posting of retired staff at CCA offices for additional work due to mass VRS, also has been resolved.
Let us assure them that AIBDPA is committed to deal their issues effectively and they would be secure in AIBDPA, whatever may be the issues. Please do not hesitate to contact CHQ for any issue of the VRS retirees.
The culmination of the agitational programs should give a strong message to the government. Therefore maximum participation from each Circle should be ensured.Holi falls on 10th March and without any hindrance to Holi celebration, our Comrades from North India could participate in the Parliament March on 12 th March.
Circle Secretaries have to urgently send the arrival/departure details of participants from the Circle to enable CHQ to arrange accommodation for those coming from distant circles. CHQ will provide accommodation for one day, either 11-12 or 12-13 March, as the case may be.
Comrades, please get in touch with the district Secretaries and motivate them for the successful implementation of the agitational programs.
Let us be proud to be part of the great organizational responsibility.
With warm greetings,

K G Jayaraj
General Secretary.

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