A meeting of the AUAB was held today, presided over by Com.Chandeswar Singh, Chairman. All the constituents of the AUAB attended today’s meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, Convenor, welcomed all and briefed on the agenda for discussion. The meeting held in-depth discussions and decided to launch agitational programme on the following Demands:-

Immediate payment of salary for the months of December, 2019 & January, 2020, as well as prompt payment of salary every month.
Immediate clearance of the dues, already deducted from the salaries of employees.
Immediate launching of BSNL’s 4G service.
Immediate granting of sovereign guarantee for issuing of bonds by BSNL.
Immediate withdrawal of notices issued under FR 17 (A).
No whimsical transfer of employees, consequent to the implementation of VRS.

Action Programme:

Lunch hour demonstrations on 11.02.2020.
Hunger strike at all levels on 24.02.2020.
[Date : 06 – Feb – 2020]