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-78569 –
It is not a mere number.
It is a harsh reality, the number of BSNL employees who were compelled to take VRS, by threat of transfer, reduction in retirement age, 12 hours work, no salary and a sugar coated offer with many pitfalls.

The VRS offer with threats was a double edged weapon – to reduce manpower thus weakening service leading to privatisation and also deny full eligible pension to the VRS optees by not allowing them retirement on superannuation. Govt is expected to save lakhs of crores of rupees through reduced pension.

But AUAB / BSNLEU and All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association are there to defend BSNL and the VRS pensioners.

AUAB/BSNLEU have already given excellent suggestions to improve BSNL and make it profitable.

AIBDPA has met top officers of DOT to ensure that Pension is paid to all the
78569 VRS retirees by 29th February itself. In case, all these cases could not be completed in time, then at least provisional pension should be paid, which suggestion was accepted by DOT.

There are many pitfalls in VRS. AIBDPA, the biggest pensioners organisation in BSNL is committed to safeguard the interests of all BSNL DOT pensioners including VRS pensioners.

AIBDPA is already on the struggle path. On Pension Revision issue it is approaching all M.P.s in the country to take up the matter with Prime Minister. Already more than 30 M.P.s have been met, who assured to take the matter with govt. Tens of thousands of signatures are being collected in Memorandum to be submitted to Prime Minister. Thousands will participate in Hunger Strike in front of CCAs on 12 February.

Tens of thousands of BSNL DOT pensioners will March to Parliament on 12 March on these demands.

AIBDPA welcomes all VRS retirees to its fold to unite and fight for the demands of pensioners.