78569 employees, more than half of the existing workforce in BSNL are leaving the company on 31-01-2020 on Voluntary Retirement Scheme. It will create a big vacuum in BSNL. The work being done by these employees will have to be managed by those remaining in service. It is not an easy task. While VRS is implemented with extra speed, connected other matters in the post VRS situation is not dealt by the BSNL Management or the Govt with the required urgency. Except VRS, the other actions with regards to Revival of BSNL are being delayed. Two months are over by 23rd December 2019, after the declaration of the Revival Plan. What happened to the allotment of 4G Spectrum to BSNL? Private Telcos have already been alloted 5G Spectrum for test purposes. Still no 4G to BSNL. What about Sovereign Guarantee, bank loans to BSNL?

The government should be compelled to honour its commitment. BSNL management should ensure that the Revival Plan is implemented. The contract workers should be paid their back wages. The services of the contract workers are very much required and any move to retrench them should be stopped.

We are sure that the unions and associations in BSNL under the leadership of AUAB will take necessary steps to compel the govt for implementing Revival plan.