The issues connected with the BSNL are raised in the Parliament by many M.P.s. Communications Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad assures of Revival Plans, but nothing is done. Despite assurance regarding allotment of 4 G Spectrum, which is most important, no action has been taken. Delay is denial. The govt is waiting for all the private telcos to catch maximum subscribers before granting  spectrum to BSNL.

Further. whenever the name of BSNL is mentioned some adjective like cash strapped / loss making / incipient / ailing etc. are added to show that there is no future to the company. It is the same with many media. An impression is being tried to be created that BSNL is not going to last and it is better to shift to some other company. The debt of the other companies are many times more than BSNL, but neither government, nor the media call them, sick/incipient/loss making/ ailing etc. It can be seen that this is a campaign by the government and the private companies to show BSNL in a bad light.

What is the truth? Despite government not allotting 4G Spectrum, not allowing to take loans, not allowing to monetise its buildings and lands, reduced staff from its earlier position, bad propaganda, BSNL is giving lakhs of fresh connections, increasing its market share and trying to give a better service.

What is required by the government is to immediately agree to the very reasonable demands raised by the unions and associations of BSNL, including immediate allotment of 4G and 5G spectrums, allow the company to take loans, drop the proposals of VRS and Retrenchment (which are the initial steps for privatisation), honour the commitments given at the time of formation of BSNL in 2000 by the Vajpayee Government and ensure that BSNL is strengthened.

It is not the workers or the customers who are responsible for the weakening of BSNL. It is the same workers, that too with a number of 3.5 lakhs, who made the company profitable for many years till the govt. blocked its development by stopping purchasing of 5 crore / 9 crore mobile connections and other such anti-BSNL actions.

Let the government not kill its own child BSNL, but help it restore to its former glory!