The full form of VRS is Voluntary Retirement Scheme. But it is not voluntary. If, voluntary, how can the management propose VRS for 54,000 in BSNL. It is pressure tactics and cheating the workers. By delaying salary of February in almost all circles, the BSNL management is creating fear amongst the workers to opt for VRS. VRS is a loss to the worker. Promotion, Pension and other benefits will be adversely affected. No youngster is getting the jobs vacated, since the proposal will be that the post will go along with the person taking VRS. BSNL work is going to suffer. If the funds being utilised for VRS is spend for development and upgradation, BSNL will be strengthened.

It is not the number of workers that is making the company down. It is the adverse policy and favour to private and discrimination against BSNL. If this is stopped BSNL will improve and reach its past glory.

The same management which proposes VRS is keeping retired officers as consultants, which is a contradiction.

VRS is not voluntary, but compulsory in practice. What has happened in many PSUs shows, that after VRS, the next stop is privatisation. The corporates want that the workers are reduced before privatisation.

Those new recruits, some of whom support VRS, should know that once the VRS is success, the next step is privatisation, which will adversely affect the entire work force. Do not get trapped.