In the name of revival of BSNL, the government is moving fast to implement VRS in BSNL. The DoT has not bothered to discuss it’s so called revival plan of BSNL with the unions and associations, which are important stake-holders of BSNL. Further, the government has unilaterally decided to divert the income to be generated through the monetisation of BSNL’s lands, to fund the VRS. This is nothing, but a well thought of plan, to deprive BSNL of the funds needed for it’s development and financial revival. Further, VRS is the government’s strategy to cut down the size of BSNL’s employees, so as to make it attractive for privatisation. The unions and associations which are opposing VRS have called on the employees to organise protest demonstrations throughout the country on 12-04-2019. We request all the circle and district unions to mobilise maximum number of employees and to make the demonstration a huge success.(courtesy: BSNLEU website)