About one lakh contract workers engaged in BSNL and working continuously for more than 15  to 35 years are not paid wages from three to 10 months all over India. Neither BSNL, DOT or government is taking any action to pay the wages. The workers and their families are deeply suffering. Work and no wages. No food for the family including children. An anti-worker BSNL and central government which fully owns the company.

Another picture. The Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) was in loss and unable to pay the wages to the employees and pension to the pensioners. The Kerala Government, which itself is in financial difficulty, came to the rescue of the KSRTC and paid the salary of the employees and pension to the pensioners, though it is not obligatory on its part.

While the central government is anti-PSU and is on the way to destabilise all its PSUs, either by privatising or closing the same, one after another, as part of its policy putting the lakhs of workers in misery.

At the same time time, the Kerala LDF government has brought back 14 PSUs in to profit during the three years of its rule and is making effort to bring back the other 30 PSUs also in to profit, all of which have been made loss making by the earlier UDF government. It is pro-PSU government.

This is the difference in the approach of the Modi Government and Pinarayi Government, the difference between BJP government and Left Front government.

This is election time. Recognise who is your friend and who is your enemy. Vote for those who support you.