Modi government never cared for the central pensioners. It seems that the government is of the opinion that the pensioners are a burden on the nation and has to be denied even the basic requirement that a pensioner requires.

The VII Central Pay Commission recommended that ‘One Rank, One  Pension’ system, which was already implemented for the retired army personnel,  be implemented to other central pensioners also. The Modi Government, to deny any improvement in the recommendations, have stated that the CPC is an award and it can not be improved. But in the case of pensioners, why the recommended One Rank One Pension is not being implemented?

Pension Revision is to be implemented to the BSNL absorbed DOT pensioners w.e.f. 01-01-2017, after 10 years of the Pension Revision implemented in 2007. But it is refusing to implement the Pension Revision, causing much anguish and agony to the concerned pensioners.

The demand of the NCCPA  to introduce the statutory benefit pension scheme to those newly recruited since 2004 ( in the case of BSNL recruitees from 2000) instead of the NPS, has not been accepted by the government. (It is to be noted here that the Kerala LDF government has appointed a committee to look in to the conversion of NPS introduced for the kerala state employees by the UDF government in 2013 back to statutory benefit pension scheme. )

While the LDF Government in Kerala is paying Social Security Pension of Rs. 1,200 to all those who completed 60 years and has no other pension, the BJP ( as also the Congress ) led governments are paying a meagre amount of Rs. 200 – 400 only as such social security pension.

Please see that even the respected elder leaders in BJP have been ignored and insulted. That is BJP.

Yes, there is a big difference between the BJP/Congress governments and the Left Front government with their approach to the issues of the pensioners.

The Lok Sabha elections are going on. This is the time teach the Modi government a hard lesson that pensioners will not be silent against attack on them. Vote for the Left, wherever they are there. Vote for the other secular parties where Left candidates are not there.

The defeat of the BJP in this election is a must for the better existence of the pensioners and senior citizens in the country.