It is understood that some DOT officers are thinking of converting the pension revision in to the CDA pattern as suggested by certain pension organisations to the Minister and the DOT. This is completely unacceptable. We had pointed out earlier that requests for pension revision on the basis of VII CPC will be utilised by the government and administration to trap the pensioners and compel them to accept the CDA scales  as recommended by the VII CPC. It is also reported that the benefit of IDA pension revision got as per II PRC also is in danger.

I am quoting from the post in the website of the Pensioners’ Association with regard to their meeting with DOT Officers:

“We made out a point that DOT Establishment section is not taking the required action. In DOT, if anyone feels that the hike given to us at the time of absorption and according to 2nd PRC isto be adjusted in future revisions , we will not allow it. We should continue to draw higher Pension for all the times to come.”

We had from the start mentioned that the demand for Pension revision on the basis of VII CPC will be cunningly utilised by the government to change the pension revision on CDA basis. The present report indicates  that the danger is real.

We strongly oppose this move of the DOT to revise the pension on the CDA pattern as recommended by the VII CPC. We also request the associations which requested for pension revision on the basis of VII CPC to refrain from pressing the demand, seeing the the trap in which they are being put by the DOT and the loss in pension if the proposal is accepted.