Com.P.R.Natarajan, former M.P., who is now contesting for Parliament in the Coimbatore constituency is a close friend, comrade and adviser of the BSNL workers, Pensioners and casual  contract labour.

During his earlier stint as M.P. , it was he who took up the issue of the casual and contract workers in the Parliament Standing Committee. Several meetings were held during the last few years and the pressure of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the DOT and BSNL Management was such that they were compelled to implement many of the labour laws, including EPF, ESI, Gratuity (casual labour) etc. for the casual contract workers. I had the opportunity to participate in all these meetings as the President of the BSNLCCWF and argued the cause. In addition to Com. P.R.Natarajan, M.P., Parliament members Coms. K.Chandran Pillai, C.S.Sujatha, P.Sambath, K.N.Venugopal, M.B.Rajesh and many other M.P.s also supported our cause.

Com. P.R.Natarajan, M.P. was always most helpful in taking up the issues of the BSNL employees. His office regularly contacted me to find out the latest position of the issues raised. He is a real close friend of the BSNL workers, pensioners and casual contract workers. In fact he considered himself as one of us. Many times, I was surprised by his simplicity, straight forwardness and affection for the downtrodden.

I am sure that the entire BSNL and other working class comrades will fully support his candidature and work for his success.

I wish him every success in the election!