Jet Airways, which was the biggest Indian airways company some time back, is in a deep financial crisis. It’s pilots have not been paid salary for the past 3 months. They have threatened to go on strike from 1st April, 2019, if the salary is not paid. Jet Airways is having a loan of one billion US dollars. The company is operating only 140 flights per week now, whereas, it was operating 600 flights per week, some time back. The important development that we should note on this issue is that, the government has conducted an emergency meeting yesterday to bail out Jet Airways. Today’s Economic Times (20.03.2019) has reported that the government is pressurising the banks to extend loans to Jet Airways. We appreciate the care that the government is taking for Jet Airways, which is a private company. But what about BSNL, which is the government’s own company? BSNL is crying and pleading to the government to permit it to take bank loans to overcome it’s financial crisis. But the Hon’ble Minister and the government are not coming to the rescue of BSNL. Whereas, in the case of Jet Airways, the government has conducted an emergency meeting and is pressurising the banks to extend loans to it. No more example is required to explain the government’s pro-private and anti-public sector policies. It is these policies which have ruined BSNL. Together with the AUAB, BSNLEU is continuously fighting against these anti-BSNL policies of the government. However, amongst us, we have some great brains, who are giving experts opinion that, we should not fight against the government.(Courtesy: BSNLEU website)