Agitational programme of casual contract labours is going in full swing in many circles and districts due to non-payment of wages since months together. CHQ BSNLCCWF has taken decision to organise Hunger Strike programme on 13th March, 2019, before GM Offices. CHQ is getting news of the agitational programme held throughout the country where good number of casual contract labours have participated. Some circle unions have taken the programme to focus the resentment to the Management. Some circle union has conducted their organisational level meeting like CWC / Convention with a mobilisation of good number of contract / casual labours. Some circle unions has submitted the memorandum to respective CGMTs. On 6th March, in the AUAB meeting held with the CMD BSNL the same matter was also discussed. The Management had assured that a balance position will be taken to make the payment of vendors so that the field level casual / contract workers can get the wages in time. (BSNLCCWF website)