The Govt is taking calculated steps to finish off BSNL, systematically by not allowing it to expand the network and provide 4G services, deliberately creating industrial unrest in the company by stopping the funds and salary payment and making BSNL gradually sick. This is deliberate because about 6,000 Cr rupees, payable to BSNL is blocked by DoT (Rs 2350 Cr on BWA spectrum refund interest, Rs 2100 Cr on excess pension Contribution paid, other receivables from DoT). This in turn will benefit the private operators especially Reliance Jio to capture the entire telecom market. The Administrative Ministry DoT and Hon Minister repeatedly assured AUAB that it is committed for revival of BSNL, 4G spectrum allotment and settlement of HR issues as we demanded, but not done anything on the assurances. When Govt slowly gone back from the assurances and started purchasing time, AUAB in strongest protest, gone for 3 days strike in February.

DoT is meticulously implementing the Govt decisions to finish off BSNL with the support of Niti Aayog, Finance Ministry etc. The DoT finance is creating all the hurdles on each are every BSNL proposal, with the tacit support of the higher authorities. This calculated move of the Govt and the DoT placed BSNL in such a critical condition, that the employees are unable to get their salary. The DoT is not allowing BSNL to take bank loan for the CAPEX for expansion of network or OPEX for operations when other operators are taken lakhs of Crores of rupees bank loan for the CAPEX and OPEX. Due to shortage of funds, BSNL is not even able to pay electricity bills, labour charges, maintenance charges, vendor payments for the AMC, vehicle running etc which in turn is seriously affecting the services.

The AUAB discussed all these issues during the last 3 days and firmly decided to expose the conspiracies of the Govt and the DoT. Hence, the AUAB has decided to organise a massive Rally to Sanchar Bhavan on 05.04.2019. It has decided to invite the leaders of all political parties to address this rally.

All the Circles and SSAs are requested to mobilise the maximum number of employees for the rally and to make it an historic event.

AUAB also decided to meet all the Political parties at Central level, state level and the prominent candidates of each constituency to seek their support for the revival of BSNL. (Courtesy: SNEA)