Hundreds of BSNL DOT Pensioners who came from all parts of the country held an impressive Sanchar Bhawan March on 15-03-2019. The March was organised as per the decision of the 3rd triennial All India Conference held at Kolkata on 23-24 February, 2019. The pensioners assembled at Eastern Court at 10AM and the inaugural meeting was presided over by Com. V A N Namboodiri, Veteran leader and Advisor. Com.K G Jayaraj, General Secretary welcomed one and all and explained the situation under which AIBDPA is forced to conduct the Sanchar Bhawan March. Though the Communications Minister had given a categorical assurance to the AUAB leaders on 03-12-2019 that pension revision will be processed early, delinking wage revision, the dominant buerocracy at Depatment of Telecom is still not ready to change their mindset of pension revision after pay revision. It is nothing but a drama being enacted with the connivance of the government to delay the settlement.

Com.K K N Kutty, Secretary General, NCCPA inaugurated the meeting and explained how the Modi government has denied the legitimate demends of the pensioners in a treacherous manner despite assurance by the grouo of Ministers.

Speaking on the occasion , Com.K.Sebastin, General Secretary, SNEA appreciated the demand of AIBDPA, Pension revision with 15% fitment recommended by 3rd PRC from 01-01-2017 delinking wage revision. He reminded that the pension revision done earlier from 01-01-2007 was with 30% fitment recommended by the 2nd PRC and the future pension revisions also should be based on the maximum fitment that may be recommended by the PRCs. Com.Dahiya, Dy General Secretary, SNEA, Com.Balbir Singh, Vice President, BSNLEU and R.S.Chouhan, AGS, AIBDPA also addressed the March.

After the conclusion of the inaugural meeting the March started at 1130 and the comrades came from various states , shouted the slogans in different languages exihibiting their anger and anguish against treacherous stand of the government and buerocracy in DoT on pension revision. When the March reached the Parliament Street, the police blocked it and then the entire comrades joined the NCCPA Fast held at Jantar Mantar on the 10 point charter, including pension revision to BSNL retirees. (Couertesy: AIBDPA website)