It is nine years since Comrade Jyoti Basu, former Chief Minister of W.Bengal for 23 years, PB Member of CPI(M) since its formation in 1964, and also a veteran trade union leader, passed away on 17th January 2010. He was not only an ideologue but a practical communist, who worked for the upliftment of the people. As the Vice-President of the CITU for a long period, he gave correct direction to the trade union movement.

I had been fortunate to meet and discuss with on two-three occasions, mainly on the issue of BSNL. At the 2005 Party Congress at Delhi, I could meet him and discuss about the developments in BSNL and the need for all the state government departments taking up BSNL connections only. He fully supported the idea and assured that there will be full support from the W.Begal government.

Red salute to Comrade Jyoti Basu!