The Hartal called by the BJP, RSS etc. in Kerala today, 3rd January 2019, against the entry of two women in Sabarimala, turned in to mob violence and destruction of property, transport buses, other vehicles, attack on the CPI(M), CPI party offices, educations institutions, houses of political opponents and so on. The opened shops in the towns were forcibly closed and the owners attacked.

The success of the Vanitha Mathil (Women  Wall ) organised on the New year and the entry of women devotees to the Sabarimala shrine was taken as an excuse for the last minute hartal call. Even the devotees to the Sabarimala shrine were stranded in some places. Violence and attack  was the order of the day, despite strong police intervention to bring normalcy.

It was a hartal against the Supreme Court verdict on women’s entry to Sabarimala, against constitution, against women and against the state government. But the people, shop keepers etc. boycotted it, despite violence and attack in many places.