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Despite cut throat competition and government favour to private telcos and discriminating BSNL, the latter has increased its market share both in total connections ( mobile + Land line) and also in mobiles. There is a slight decrease in the land lines.

From 9.66 % market share in mobiles in 2016 BSNL has increased it to 12.64 % in 2018. In the total it is 9.59% in 2016 to 10.48% in 2018. The loss in land lines is from 58.63% to 52.64%, which is mainly due to the change over from landlines to mobile.

This increase in the market share is mainly due to extra effort made by the BSNL management and BSNL workers under the leadership of AUAB. Hearty Congratulations!

But unfortunately the total loss has increased  to Rs.4844 crore. While there were five circles ie. Andaman – Nicobar, J and K, Karnataka, Kerala, and Odisha in profit last time, it has been reduced to two circles ie. Andaman and Kerala only this year. Kerala’s profit has also been reduced from R. 584 crore to 373 crores.

The main reasons for this downfall are demonetisation, GST, favouring of Reliane Jio and other telcos by the government, discriminationg and ignoring its own company, BSNL, by not allotting 4G Spectrum, not allowing to take loans for expansion etc.

The government should allot 4 G spectrum immediately, allow BSNL to take loans, reduce the pension contribution to be paid by the BSNL on the basis of actual pay instead of maximum of the pay scale, The various payments to the government should be allowed in more installments as allowed to private telcoms etc. The government should also direct all the central, state governments as well as central/state PSUs only to avail the services of BSNL and MTNL. The vacant buildings and quarters should be rented to the state government/PSUs etc. Various departments of the government will be able to have training classes etc. in the ALTTC, BRAITT, RTTCs  etc. Monetisation   of unused plots also can be made made, of course, taking in to consideration future developments.

Prime Minister is reported to have stated ‘ PSUs are born to die’. We don’t agree. BSNL is born to live and improve and become a mighty and efficient service.