The judgment of the Supreme Court allowing women in 10 to 50 age also has been welcomed by the all India leaders of all parties including BJP, Congress, CPI(M), CPI and others. RSS leaders also welcomed the judgment. It was thought that all the political parties in Kerala also will welcome the same. But what happened is something else. Leaders of BJP, Congress etc. opposed and utilised the situation to create tension in the state opposing the effort of the state government to implement the SC verdict. In the name of bhaktas, goondaism was created in Sabarimala precincts by the RSS and right Hindutwa forces.

The opposition parties in Kerala are worried about the whole support given by the people of Kerala to the LDF government led by Com. Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister, who have dealt with the Okhy situation, floods and landslide natural calamities etc. and saved the valuable lives of the people. The relief work in Kerala was supported by the entire people and the creation of a better Kerala, a New Kerala is going on despite short of funds and a non-sympathetic central government who stopped willing help from other countries. General elections are coming and the opposition parties have started playing the ‘bhakti’ card to confuse the people and divide them on the basis of believers and non-believers.

The state government is only implementing the SC judgment, which it is bound to implement. Further this is a progressive judgment removing the discrimination between man and woman in the matter of temple entry. The SC has upheld the constitution and its high values.

The people of Kerala will not allow the RSS and the extreme right wing to implement their communal and casteist agenda in Kerala.