It seems that the NDA / BJP government at the centre and in the states are in competition to construct huge statues. The 182 metre high Statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel was inaugurated by the Prime Minister a few days back. Now Chief Minister, U.P. Yogi Adityanath has declared that he will construct a statue of Ram with 151 metres high. Many leaders may be thinking of constructing their own statues! (Mayavati and some others have done it earlier).

When the country is facing grim financial crisis and the prices are rising almost every day furthering the misery of the people, this huge amounts for construction of statues should have been used for the benefit of the people. Of course nobody will be against honouring the leaders of the country, but such huge expenditure can not be borne by the country.
It is also to be noted that when Kerala has faced unprecedented floods,landslides etc and has suffered a loss of more than Rs. 40,000 crores, the central government has only given help of Rs. 600 crore only.