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Amit Shah, BJP President, in his speech at Kannur on 27th instant has threatened that the Kerala government will be dismissed if it implements the Supreme Court order on Women’s (those who are above 10 and below 50 years) entry in to Sabarimala. He threatened the courts also stating that they should deliver only judgments which can be implemented.

These utterances are completely a challenge to the freedoms of the courts as also to the democratically elected state government. In the name of devotees, RSS and Sangh Parivar have been indulging in stone throwing, obstruction, attacking people as also attacking the government employees and police who are on duty there. Thousands of goonda elements have been brought to the Sabarimala Shrine premises to create trouble. Now the top leader of BJP has justified all these and is threatening the government, if it takes action against the culprits who destroyed KSRTC buses, other vehicles, attacked the houses of many women who came to visit the temple etc. This is strongly condemned. He has no right to threaten the Kerala government with dismissal.

The leaders of all political parties including Congress and BJP welcomed the Supreme Court  decision on the admission of women in the temple. RSS top leaders also supported. The court order was hailed as historic, restoring the right of the women to worship in the temple, thus restoring the same, which was which was in vogue till 1991 and was stopped as per a High Court order. The then Left Front Government implemented that order and now when the SC cancelled the High Court order, it is also being implemented. THE BJP-RSS-Sangh Parivar which hailed the judgment, are now trying to destabilize the government for implementation of the order of the 5 Constitutional Bench  of the SC. Except a few devotees, who are being misguided, the society as a whole is in support of implementation of the SC decision.

BJP and its president Amit Shah are attacking the highly praised social, secular fabric of the country. This is most condemnable. The people of Kerala will resist and defeat this attack. Seek support of all right minded people.