Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday officially opened the world’s longest sea bridge linking Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, significantly cutting the travel time from between the three territories from three hours to just 30 minutes.

The 55-km-long crossing that cost a whopping USD 20 billion is dubbed as an engineering feat carrying economic and political significance at a time when Beijing is seen tightening its grip over its semi-autonomous territories.

It connects Asia’s financial hub, Hong Kong, with the southern mainland city of Zhuhai and the gambling enclave of Macau, across the waters of the Pearl River Estuary with a snaking road bridge and underwater tunnel.

It took nine years to complete the bridge due to delays, budget overruns, corruption prosecutions and the deaths of construction workers.

President Xi inaugurated the bridge at a special ceremony held in Zhuhai, in southern China’s Guangdong Province, attended by about 700 guests, including the leaders of Hong Kong and Macau.
(Press report)

China builds the biggest bridge and India builds the highest statue almost for the same expenditure!