Due to non-recruitment of required staff and non-filling up of vacancies, the staff strength has ben reduced from 3.5 lakhs in 2000 to 1,74,216 in 2018. More than 2 lakh employees have retired during this period, but only about 40,000 have been recruited. The recruitment has been mainly in the cadres of JTO and JEs.

The average age of the employees have gone more than 52% according to reports. Within 10 years, almost all the employees recruited in DOT will be retired. If no further regular recruitment takes place, the staff will be reduced to about 1.20 lakh by that time. Even now many works which were being done by the employees are outsourced spending much and getting little benefit and revenue. For improvement of services much more staff are required.

The BSNL management and the government as also the Unions/associations have to seriously ponder over the issue and take necessary decision to recruit more employees. The recruitment can be in 2 ways: 1) Regularise all the contract workers who have completed ten years service or so. The casual workers should be regulrised as before. 2) Direct recruitment. This will help the services.