It is reported that the Central Cabinet has approved the New Telecom Policy 2018, which is called the National Digital Communications Policy 2018 (NDCP 2018), yesterday. It expects $ 100 billion investment in the telecom sector by 2002 and also increase in GDP from 6% to 8%.

The present Telecom Commission, will be henceforth called as ‘Digital Communication Commission'(DCC) as per the statement of Shri Manoj Sinha, Communications Minister.

Names are changed both for the Telecom Policy and the Telecom Commission, but nothing has changed much but for aggressive privatisation and huge benefits to the private telcos. By favouring the corporates and discriminating the PSU telecom companies, the government is moving towards the privatisation of BSNL and MTNL as they have already privatised the third telecom PSU, VSNL, earlier.

It is only the united strength of the workers and the massive protest by the people that privatisation can be stopped. The impact of the National digital Communications Policy 2018 has to be studied in detail and fight out the anti-PSU factors in the policy as also the pro-corporate moves. I am sure that the unions/associations in BSNL will certainly face the challenge effectively.