Comrade D.K.Dhaktod, Vice-President, National co-ordination Committee of Pensioners Association (NCCPA) passed away at Nagpur at 8.00 P.M yesterday. Comrade Dhaktod’s life is an inspiration to all. His commitment, dedication, sincerity and humbleness will always be remembered. His contributions to the movement of employees and pensioners are great. He held the responsibilities of General Secretary of P&T Audit & Accounts Employees Association during the formative stage of that militant association. Along with comrade S.K.Vyas, he took all leading role in strengthening the united ‘Joint Action Committee’ of all Audit and Accounts Associations of various departments to reach victory on vital demand of parity will always remain green in memory of thousands of accounts employees. He played his yeoman role in the movement of confederation of CG employees. He was the Chairman of Nagpur CGPA organisation that has a great role in uniting all pensioners under NCCPA. He was the Chairman of Vidharba Coordinating committee of Pensioners Associations. Despite his health, he hosted the National Executive of NCCPA at Nagpur recently. His presentations in our meetings were up to the point and vital. His contributions in the united meeting of various pensioners’ organisations in framing the common memorandums of Pensioners before successive pay commissions were memorable. His concerns to the suffering pensioners and family pensioners exhibited in his every action is an inspiring example for everyone to emulate. We have indeed suffered irreparably in his passing away.
Whenever he used to come to Delhi to attend the meetings of NCCPA, which were held usually in D-7, Telegraph Quarters, where I stayed, we used to talk about the old times, the struggles of the CG employees etc. He usually came along with Com. B.P.Petkar, who is also from Nagpur, since moving alone was difficult at his age.

Red Salute to Com. D.K.Dakhtod!