An appeal for financial help to overcome an horrible situation in Kerala

The unprecedented rains in Kerala, which lashed the coastal state for the past one month or more, caused havoc of horrible nature. The rains caused landslides in the hilly regions of the state, where the density of population is as high as in the Plaines. Almost all dams numbering about 40 and reservoirs came to the brink of danger mark, not happened any time in the recent history. The authorities were left with no alternative but open the shutters of the reservoirs which created another terrible situation not only in the hills but over the Plaines too. Every river in the state began to overflow creating horrendous disaster. Kerala is full of rivers, rivulets, canals and blackwaters besides innumerable water bodies. The water that gushed through the outlets drew houses and other buildings into it. The relief operations of the State Government ably assisted by all political parties, their workers and other voluntary organizations did an exemplary job in rendering help to the affected people. Despite this all-out efforts hundreds of people lost their life and thousands lost their lifelong savings and properties. Red alert was in operation in all the fourteen districts of the State indicating the extent of havoc created by the nature’s fury. Most of the villages, towns and cities have become islands, surrounded by water and cut off from each other. Rail and road traffic were severely affected. The air traffic at Cochin Air Port came to a standstill. The low-lying areas, the river bank hamlets all are submerged under water. Electric installations pump houses roads and many buildings have been destroyed. The loss of property is alone estimated to be at Rs. 9000 crores. Army, Paramilitary forces, Navy and Airforce personnel, Coast Guards, National Disaster Relief Forces have all been involved in the rescue operations, besides the State police and local people. The state is facing a war-like situation needing help from all. The rain has been continuing unabated.

Elsewhere in this issue we have published the appeal made by Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, the honourable Chief Minister of Kerala. We appeal to all our constituent affiliates, state units and members to donate to the Chief Ministers relief fund directly. Please convey this appeal by organising unit meeting or through WhatsApp, Facebook, circulars and other means. The NCCPA headquarters may be informed of the donations by each units and members of NCCPA.

Secretary General NCCPA