Kerala is reeling under very heavy rains for the last two weeks or so. In many places landslide has taken place and many have been killed and houses collapsed. All the dams are full to the brink and there is no other way, but to open the shutters and  let out water, which again floods the rivers. about 30 people have died so far. About 12,000 houses have been collapsed. Tens of thousands are in the relief  camps. Water is every where – on the roads, houses and other places. The loss is estimated to more than Rs. 8000 crores.

The government and the people as  a whole have taken the responsibility of saving the people and taking them to the relief camps. Food, medicine, treatment are all made available. The state is in a condition of emergency to save the lives and save the situation.

Relief is coming from individuals, organisations, unions and from all sections. Kerala is bravely facing the situation. But much more funds are required.

Help Kerala in its time of disaster!