Speaking in a Programme ,today (18-07-2018) in Kolkata , to commemorate the Birth Centenary of Legendary South African Statesman Nelson Mandela, CPI(M) Politbureau Member Prakash Karat has hailed the life and works of Nelson Mandela and termed him as a liberator at par with liberators like Mao Tse Tung , Fidel Castro or Ho Chi Minn. He lamented that Nelson Mandela when he came out of the Jail , it was changed circumstance for him as the 60’s realities of the presence of Soviet Union , was absent. Still he negotiated the Freedom of his country, and at the same time had instructed the ANC leadership not to withdraw the armed struggle until a certain stage of discussion has been reached . He was Liberator who believed in Marxism and dialectical materialism. Along with other ANC stalwarts like Walter Cislu and Ahmad Cathrada , he led the valiant fight with the Bastion of imperialism , the apartheid South Africa , whose policy of racial segregation is even today being followed by the oppressors of the Palestinian people . He also said that 20th Century being the century of liberation struggle from the clutches of the imperialism and colonialism , the last major struggle of liberation of the Century had been led by Mandela, while Palestinian struggle is still unfinished.