Due to the anti-PSU and pro-corporate policy of the central government, most of the central PSUs are on the way to loss. The government is aggressively disinvesting or selling them against the interest of the nation and the concerned workers. National carrier Air India, BSNL, MTNL – all prestigious PSUs are for sale.

In Kerala, you see another picture. During the Congress / UDF regime almost all the 45 or so PSUs were in loss and it amounted to about Rs. 134 crore. During the last two years of LDF rule with Pinarayi Vijayan as Chief Minister, some of them have already turned profitable and the total profit of the PSUs has come up to Rs.100 crore, wiping out the earlier loss. A great change indeed!

Further the State government has offered to take over the central PSUs in the state which are proposed to be sold. But the centre says that it will be sold only to private corporates. in one case, it stated that the state government can participate in the auction along with the private companies! What a generosity!

This is the difference between the Modi Government and the Pinarayi Government. The former wants to sell the nation’s assets, while the latter wants them to improve and to increase the national assets.