The present senior most Judge in Supreme Court, Justice J.Chelameswar, retired from service yesterday, after a transparent and praiseworthy career, including 7 years in the apex court. He has delivered landmark judgments, which are quoted frequently. He was strongly opposed to the unjustified interference of the government in the judiciary. It was at his initiative, that four senior most Judges of the Supreme Court held a Press Conference and expressed their anguish at what is happening in the Supreme Court, including the issue of promotion of Uttarakhand Chief Justice K.M.Joseph to the Supreme Court.

Justice Chelameswar vacated his official bungalow yesterday itself and returned to his home in Hyderabad.( Remember here that a large number of M.P.s, senior officers, judges and others continue stay in the official bungalows, even after their term, retirement etc. against the existing orders to vacate them.) He is reported to have stated that he will not accept any government commission etc. after his retirement.

We admire you Justice Chelameswar. Your further service to the country will be appreciated.