It is now revealed that Nirav Modi, the diamond merchant, who cheated the Punjab National Bank more than $ two billion and fled the country, is having at least six passports. As per rules, one is expected to have only one passport.  How Nirav Modi got six? who gave it? All these need to be enquired.

It may not be an exceptional case. What about Mallya? How many passports he is having? What about other Indian Corporate bosses? There is no doubt that such persons also will have illegal passports.

In India, money can buy many things, including passports.

Let the government order an inquiry, in the present known circumstances, about the passports of the corporates and the big business. The result will be interesting and will point to the rotten state of affairs in connection with the corporate bosses. It will also help stopping persons like Mallya and Nirav Modi escaping from the country after cheating the nation and the people.