Kerala is a state where all people, belonging to different religions stay peacefully. There has been no communal clash in Kerala during the last two years of LDF rule. Peaceful co-existence and fraternity. Those criminal cases in the past which were lagging for years are dealt with seriously and culprits punished. Immediate action against criminals and perpetrators of crime. National acclaim for the Cyber Cell actions.

Secularism is a tradition of Kerala. For centuries, travelers from all over the world were received and honored by the rulers and people of Kerala. All religions were respected. The great tradition continues. Kerala was one of the states were not even a Sikh was attacked, when such attacks were made all over India after the death Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, shot dead by a Sikh security man.

Of course, certain communalists are trying to create trouble, but it is dealt with effectively. After the shocking rape and murder of an 8 year young girl in a temple in Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir, extreme communal forces of different hues tried to flare up communal tension. It was immediately dealt with and the culprits arrested and proceeded as per law.