While there is strong protest against the continuous increase in the price of petrol and diesel and demand from all sections of people to reduce the same, the central government is keeping its eerie silence, hinting further increase in the prices. This is monstrous. Prices of every commodity is being increased due to the increase in the petrol/diesel price.

Now NITI Ayong, the creation of the Modi Government, in place of Planning Commission, has put its feet stating that the prices can not be reduced without endangering the development of the country. Mr. Rajiv Kumar, Vice President of the NITI Ayog, has stated that if the petrol price per litre is reduced by Re.1/- , the government will lose Rs. 13,000 crore in a year. It means that the government is getting huge amount through excise charges. If the government gets Rs.13,000 crore with an increase of Rs. 1 in the price, how much lakhs of crore it might have got by the increase of Rs. 30/- during the last four years of its rule!

Compare this with the decision of the Kerala LDF government, which have reduced Re.1/-  per litre from its taxes.

Silence by the people encourage the central government for further exploitation. Modi Government should stop this Loot!