About two and half lakhs of Gramin Dak Sevaks in the country are on an Indefinite strike from 22nd May 2018 demanding implementation of the favourable recommendations of the Kamalesh Chandra Committee, which was submitted in November 2016 to the government.

The exploitation of the GDS continues since the colonial days. At that time they were called EDAs ie. Extra Departments Agents. They were not treated as departmental or even a worker. Despite getting independence, the governments at the centre since 1947, have not conceded the genuine demands of the EDA/GDS for granting civilian status, minimum wage, gratuity as per government act, leave, allowances etc. It is almost wage slavery.

The GDS are on strike, because all other efforts have failed to move the government. The regular employees in Kerala joined the strike in solidarity and support for 10 days, a commitment which is appreciated by all. As per official report, more than 96% of the GDS in the country are on strike. They are determined to continue the struggle to achieve their long pending demands.

Almost all the newspapers, trade unions, mass organisations and the common people are fully supporting the demand of the GDS. Even the dailies and the media controlled by the corporates have not opposed the strike as is usual with them, but has written editorials and articles in support of the same. The people are supporting the GDS strike, despite the various difficulties faced by them because of the strike. M.P.s, MLAs, and other public figures are making their presence in the struggle premises and expressing their support to the strike. The entire central trade unions are supporting the strike.

The Modi government, which has to take the decision is SILENT! 12 days of strike and not even a discussion at the highest level and decision! It is a heartless and anti-worker government.
It is a government of the corporates, by the corporates and for the corporates! The people of the lakhs of villages, who are daily being served by these poor GDS, are watching the cruel deal and injustice of the government to their long-time friend, the GDS. There is no doubt that they will show their anger and revenge, when the time comes.

We demand the central government to immediately call the leaders, discuss their demand and settle the same amicably. The GDS workers are determined and will continue the indefinite strike till the sole demand is conceded. We seek the support of the entire country to this fully justified struggle of the GDS to be treated as a human being instead of a wage slave, as being exploited in the colonial days.