At the time of completing two years of its rule, the Left Democratic Front (LDF) Government in Kerala, led by Chief Minister Com. Pinarayi Vijayan, marches ahead with path breaking achievements on many fronts, including health, development, construction of homes, public education etc. Some of these are being stated in brief below:

1. ARDRAM Mission – caring for the health of citizens:

Made much improvement made in the facilities in the government hospitals and and Public Health centres by free or at a reasonable cost. Cancer Care introduced in all Medical Colleges at low cost. 170 Primary Health Centres have been transformed to Family Health Centres. Community Health Centres and taluk hospitals strengthened. Palliative Care and dialysis centres provided.

2. Life Mission – Homes for all

Life Mission is intended to provide homes to all the citizens of the state. The government will provide assistance in completing the construction of unfinished houses, construction of houses for those who have land but no means for construction and also construction of flats for the landless. Already completed construction of 28,000 unfinished houses. Flats are being constructed for those who have neither land or house. For those in the coastal belt, special housing complexes are built.

3. Public Education

Kerala stands first in literacy in the country with almost 100% literacy. The LDF government is making the government / public schools to reach the international standard and Rs. 2000 crore provided for the same this year. Many schools have already been transformed in this direction. About one and lakh new students more have joined the government schools last year. School Children are provided nutritious free lunch and breakfast etc.

4. Haritha Kerala – Green Kerala

The mission intends to improve and increase agricultural production. Already paddy cultivation increased to 1.31 lakh hectares of land. Wells, Tanks, ponds, streams, rivers etc. rejuvenated in all the districts with well planned actions with the support of the people. Organised organic farming by the people in their house-hold with the assistance of the government. Clean and green state is the aim.

Congratulations to the Pinarayi Government! (to be continued)