NITI Ayog has now recommended selling of MTNL as also forming a separate ‘Subsidiary Tower Company’ by hiving of the towers of the MTNL. The recommendation as reported in the Times of India (26-05-2018) is reproduced below:

“The panel (NITI Aayog), headed by economist Rajiv Kumar has also recommended that government should begin selling assets in MTNL, once a top state-run company, which is now the third-biggest loss maker behind BSNL and Air India. The proposal is to hive off the telecom PSU’s towers into a separate company and sell off the entity. An outright stake sale has not been proposed, given the large real estate holdings.”

Demolishing the Planning Commission, which has been the instrument for planning the developments of the country, the Modi government had constituted NITI Ayog for the demolition of the PSUs. The latter is doing its work well by recommending the closure or privatisation of the PSUs one after another. BSNL, the biggest loss making PSU as per the above reference of NITI Ayog, is certainly in its list for closure / privatisation, but the united protest of the workers has made it to keep the secret within itself.

The danger of privatisation is hanging on the heads of the workers of the BSNL and MTNL. The entire workers of these two Telecom PSUs, the executives, the non-executives and the top management of ITS officers should join together to save the companies and themselves. The danger is real and imminent. The corporates and MNCs are pressing for the closure/privatisation of BSNL and MTNL which are the obstruction and block for their increasing the charges for telecom services, as the increase in the petrol/ diesel prices. A massive campaign through out the country is required, the support of the common people is important and mighty united struggle required to defeat the nefarious plan of the government.

Then E.III (N) Union and a few other unions put strong protest and went on strike several times against corporatisation of telecom services. It warned the workers that corporatisation is the first step towards privatisation. This is coming to be true. The only way is the united struggle of the entire workers including the ITS officers. Privatisation or closure will result in a bleak future for every body, including the new recruits.

‘Do or Die’ is the slogan. United struggle is our weapon. BSNL workers will fight and defeat the ill-motived pro-corporate decision of the Modi Government.