Corporates pollute the environment – Do not care for the lives of the common people – brutal firing by police in Tamil Nadu, killing ten and seriously injuring more than hundred.
In yet another incident, which shows that the government machinery will go to any extent to defend the interests of the big corporates and the multinational companies, 10 innocent people have been killed, and more than a hundred people are seriously injured in the police firing yesterday, at Tuticorin, in Tamil Nadu. The people in and around Tuticorin town have been conducting struggles, demanding closure of a copper smelter unit, belonging to the Sterlite company. This company is a part of the multinational Vedanta Group. This smelter unit has been causing serious health hazards to the people of Tuticorin city. Serious health problems like cancer, kidney ailments are being caused due to the pollution created by this smelter unit. This is yet another example which shows that big corporates have no care for the environment or the health of the people, but making big profits is only their ambition. BSNLEU strongly condemns the Tamil Nadu government for this brutal police firing. BSNLEU also strongly demands the immediate closure of Sterlite smelter unit at Tuticorin and appropriate compensation to the families of the victims and injured. (Courtesy: bsnleu website)