Kozhikode : Employees and officers of Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are going to observe three days strike from March 26 at the call of United Forum of RRB Unions. The main issues of the strike are privatisation of Regional Rural Banks, introduction of Pension, compassionate appointments and regularisation of temporary workers.
Regional Rural Banks Act has been amended by the present NDA Government and with that amendment, 49 % of the share of RRBs can be privatised. Representatives of the private share holders can be appointed to the director board of the banks. Regional Rural banks have been playing a tremendous role in implementing poverty alleviation programmes of the Government. The rural poor of our country have utilised regional rural banks as place for their limited financial transactions. This institution is going to be handed over to corporates on a platter. The Life of the farming community especially the small and marginal farmers who have adversely affected by the neoliberal policies being pursued by the Government will further worsened if RRBs are privatized.
The salary and other benefits of the Gramin bank employees were equated with the employees of the scheduled commercial banks as an outcome of the national industrial tribunal award (NIT) 1990. But pension is not introduced as a retirement benefit to Gramin bank employees. Gramin Bank employees are waging strong struggle for introduction of pension. Two High courts of the country have given judgment in favour of the employees. But the government, instead of honouring the judgment, took the case to supreme court.
As the next stage of agitation, Gramin bank employee and officers, under the banner of United Forum of RRB Unions, are going to observe three days strike from March 26. All India general council of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions meeting at Kozhikode from March 23 to 26 extend solidarity and support to the three days strike of RRB employees. This General Council demand the central government to settle the issues of the Gramin bank employees, without any more delay. (Press Report)