As scheduled in the last meeting held on 22nd February 2018, a meeting was held between BSNLCCWF and Labour Commissioner in Delhi on 22.03.2018 and discussion held. It is stated by the leaders that after instructions from labour commissioner, the BSNL Management has not implemented the Gazette Notification for the contract workers throughout the country except few circles. Leaders of BSNLCCWF have lodged a complaint before the labour commission that though the BSNL Management has endorsed the Gazette Notification revised wages for the contract labourers but at the same time, the management has issued the order for 50% curtailment of the contract labourers to minimize the expenditure. It is also mentioned that social security measures like EPF, ESI, Gratuity has not been implemented. Further, they have also taken a negative stand to implement the 7th CPC for the casual labourers wages. He has ordered the management to give a specific reply on writing on the issues of the 7th CPC recommendation for the casual labourers. The Labour commissioner also slapped the BSNL Management on the issue of regularization and the gratuity for the casual and contract workers. Labour commissioner has remarked in the discussion that Uma Devi Judgement should not misuse to harass the casual and contract workers. In reply, on behalf of the BSNL Management, has submitted the written statement before the ALC(C) regarding the agenda of BSNL Casual and Contract workers where in it is stated that the revision of the wages of the Casual Labour will be determined at the time of 3rd PRC on which leaders of the BSNLCCWF has strong protest for this delay practice of the management. Com Animesh Mitra, Secretary General, BSNLCCWF and Tapas Kumar Ghosh, Working President was present in the meeting and 5 officers of BSNL were present in the meeting. After hearing, ALC(C) has advised to the Federation to give the reply of the statement of the BSNL Management earliest so that a decision can be taken by BSNL in the next meeting which will be fixed on 27.04.2018.(BSNLCCWF Website)