General Council meeting of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) will begin on Friday (March 23, 2018) at historic port city of Kozhikode in Northern coast of Kerala. A galaxy of leaders of revolutionary trade unions reached in the city to design the future course of struggles. The meeting will begin with the flag hoisting and the formal opening of four day session with the address of CITU president Dr. K Hemalatha at the venue christened as Muhammed Amin Nagar arranged in Tagore Centenary Hall, Kozhikode.
The General Council meeting gets significance as the central government announces its decision to eliminate regular employment.
After the Presidential address, General Secretary Tapan Sen will present the report. A separate session will be held to update 25 year old Bhubaneshwar document on organization. The Bhubaneshwar document was adopted by General Council held in 1993 at Bhubaneshwar. On the basis of 25 years’ experience and lessons the document will be discussed thoroughly to incorporate new strategies to reach out the unreachable sections of working class.
The council would discuss the central government’s disastrous move to weaken the unity of worker the help of communal and caste forces.
Kozhikode, a city has rich heritage of historic labour and peasant struggle hosts the CITU general Council after the gap of 17 years. The working class in the district is fully engaged with the reception committee to make the meeting a grand success. Seminars of various subjects held in connection with general council attracted thousands of workers and common people from all walks of life.
A huge workers’ rally will be held in Kozhikode beach on 26th of March. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will inaugurate the rally. CITU president Dr. K Hemalatha, General Secretary Tapan Sen, vice president A K Padmanabhan, state president Anathalavattam Anandan, General secretary Elamaram Kareem will address.
Dr. Hemalatha inaugurated a seminar JAN EKTA, JAN PRATIRODH, JAN ANDOLAN, on 22-03-2018 held in Kozhikode in connection with CITU general council. (Courtesy: Ganashakti)