22 March 2018 is the 41st death anniversary of Comrade A.K.Gopalan,”The Commander of the Poor” , freedom fighter and  top leader of CPI(M), whose entire life was a saga of valiant struggle for the cause of the toiling masses. He left us on 22nd March 1977, after one day of the withdrawal of the draconian ‘Emergency’ (1975-77) against which he fought with all his might, but could not know the victory, since he was in coma. Yes, Comrade, your struggle has not been in vain.

Wherever there was pain, wherever there was sorrow, wherever the people were exploited, Comrade, you reached there and fought for them. You did not inquire about their politics, caste or creed, but fought against injustice wherever you saw it.

I was fortunate to  watch many of these struggles and sacrifices. I was also fortunate to get your guidance, advice and affection on many occasions.

Com. AKG, even when you were seriously ill, you could not take rest, but jumped in to struggle for the workers. I still remember many instances including the 1974 Railway Strike. Your speeches and fight in the Parliament and outside for the cause of the workers will ever be remembered. You will always be remembered for your struggles and sacrifices. Years have not diminished these memories. In 2001, we formed BSNL Employees Union on your death anniversary.

Red Salute to Com. AKG!