The Circle branch of the AIBDPA was formed in Telecom Factory Mumbai on 8th March 2018, in a largely attended convention of the pensioners of the telecom factory. The union office where the convention was held could not accommodate all the comrades present and many had to sit in the open space. Com. B.H.Naikodi, senior leader presided. Com.S.D.Choudhary, Circle Secretary BSNLEU welcomed all and spoke about the need to form the circle union of AIBDPA. Coms. S.A.Tendulkar, B.P.Petkar, CHQ office-bearer, Suryavanshi, Circle President, MH Circle and other comrades addressed. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Advisor, AIBDPA in his inaugural speech mentioned about the formation of AIBDPA, the activities for advancing the demands of the BSNL Pensioners and also about the issues of the wage revision / pay revision etc. He congratulated the TF Mumbai comrades for their decision to form the AIBDPA Circle Union. After discussion, it was decided to form the Circle union of AIBDPA in TF Mumbai and office-bearers with Com. Vilas Pharande as President, Com. R.Y.Wiangkar as Circle secretary and Com. M.M.Mahadik as Treasurer was unanimously elected.

An Open Session was held in the afternoon of the same day in the Conference Hall. About 150 comrades participated. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri inaugurated. Com. Vilas Pharande, Circle President presided. Com.S.D.Choudhary and Circle Secretary welcomed all. CGM TF Smt. Sajala Garg, Comrades Balachandra Mane, ACS, BSNLEU MH Circle, B.P.Petkar, Suryavanshi, Deepak Chandrakar, V.V.Pawar (AIBSNLEA) and other leaders addressed. Officers of the BSNL were also present.

We congratulate the Circle Union BSNLEU and the Pensioners for the conference and formation of AIBDPA.