Communications Minster has stated in the Parliament that the government is examining the report of the Consultant to reduce the retirement age of MTNL employees from 60 to 58. The move is to be strongly protested. There is no justification to reduce the retirement age. Further when the MTNL is in financial difficulties, where is the money for paying retirement benefits including leave encashment, gratuity, PF, Commutation amount etc. for the retirees of three years viz.58, 59 and 60. With that money the present financial position of MTNL can be improved and there will be no necessity to reduce the retirement age. It was the government which increased the retirement age from 58 to 60, which was opposed by the staff side stating that it will adversely affect the youngsters’ employment opportunity. Now the employees have made all arrangements and commitments based on the retirement. Any reduction in the retirement age now will cause innumerable difficulty and misery for the employees and their families. Hence the move to reduce retirement age should be stopped.