Com.N.P.Padmanabhan, who was called respectfully and with great regards as ‘Pappetan’ by the P and T workers and comrades, left us on 5th March 1994. He functioned as the Circe secretary of the P.III Union (NFPTE) Kerala Circle, as Convener of the mighty P and T Co-ordinating Committee and also as Convener of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers for many years. He also worked for two terms as the Secretary of NFPTE.
A valiant fighter for the cause of the P and T and Central Government employees, he led the P and T employees in Kerala during the 1968 historical strike and also many other agitations. He took the lead in organising local struggles to settle local issues. P and T House in Thiruvananthapuram, the union office where he stayed, was the centre where many union leaders came for discussion and advise. The struggles he organised and helped settlement is beyond counting. He was an orator of great persuation and the workers got inspired.
Pappettan was dismissed in the 19th September 1968 strike and was not taken back till 1979, when the Janta Government came in to power. Most of the others were taken back by about three years. He was arrested in the 1960 strike and jailed. He was transferred several times for union activities.
I had long years of contact with him since 1960 strike. He inspired me and also a large number of workers to take up responsibilities in the union. His courage in facing any difficult situation and crisis is well known. He was a close associate of Com.K.G.Bose in fighting against the anti-working policies of the government and and against the revisionist line of OP Gupta and team.
On this 24th death anniversary we pay respectful homage to the memory of Com.N.P.Padmnabhan and pledge continue the struggles for the cause of the workers.
Red Salute to Com. Pappettan!