WFTU statement on the extend of the retirement age limit of civil servants to 80 years in Japan
21 Feb 2018


The government of Japan decided to extend the age limit for retirement of the civil servants to 80 years. This policy is decided with pretext the financial management of the state budget and is supposedly promoted as a optional measure.

The reality is the Japan holds the worst record on rate the pensioners who lives in the poverty limit among the development countries. Almost one out of 5 pensioners (19%) lives in the limit of the poverty. The lack of adequate funding of the pensions and the pensioners’ needs, is taking place at the same time that the government is moving on the review and increase of the army budget.

The high rates of poverty and the low standard of living of the Japanese pensioners will force them to choose the supposedly optional measure of postponing their retirement. The World Federation of Trade Union, representing more than 92 million workers demands the immediate support of Japanese pensioners and the implementation of dignified pensions and standard of living for the retires simultaneously with a low retirement age limit.

AIBDPA fully supports the WFTU and demands the Japan government not to increase the retirement age.